Barania Góra - View of the Węgierska Górka Commune

Live streaming on October 23, 2016


Węgierska Górka is located in Silesia Province, in the district of Żywiec, in the municipality of Węgierska Górka. The main tourist attractions:

Boulevards over the Soła River
One of the major attractions of the boulevard is the arch bridge over the Soła River, made of African wood, which connects the 3 Maja Street with the boulevards and the park and the Imperial Route on the other side of the river. The whole tourist activity from the centre of Węgierska Górka is to be moved to the boulevards.

The Robbers Alley
The Alley of the Robbers in Węgierska Górka was created in 2009 as a result of the open air sculpture held in June. Six artists created six figures of robbers. Sculptures with a height of 4.5 to 5 meters were placed along Zielona Street

Hiking trails
The red tourist route Barania Góra - Magurka Radziechowska - Glinne - Węgierska Górka - Żabnica - Abrahamów - Rysianka (The main Beskid tourist route)

The green tourist trail Węgierska Górka - Siodełko Pass - Złatna - access to the black tourist trail Złatna - Wierch Wisełka pod Barania Góra


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